Our new consoles have evolved from customer desires for smaller, higher spec virtual organs than is typically possible to achieve with a repurposed console. They are typically built in two pieces to allow easier transport and installation, especially if you wanted the organ upstairs.

We use a mixture of solid hard woods, and high quality real wood veneered MDF with contrasting hard wood trim to give our consoles a high quality feel. The simple design allows us to keep the cost at a reasonable level.

We use a mix of new and second hand components as appropriate.

The details are customisable to your needs. See the pictures for inspiration, and contact us for details and pricing. More pictures will be added as we create more organs!

Organik Series Consoles

Our most basic organ design. These are typically made from birch plywood and then stained to match the pedalboard. Its simplicity keeps the cost down, but it still functions just as well as the more elaborate consoles.

We can also make the Organik with real wood finishes. This one oak and walnut.

This organ is for the home of an eminent local organist. It has a cherry finish, with keyboards rescued from a pipe organ. We also designed and built a custom multichannel sound system to go with the organ.

This organ has a nice dark stain, better to match a harp that it shares a stage with. Also using Fatar TP60LW keyboards. A worthwhile upgrade from the basic TP6 we think.

Sherwood Series Consoles

This is a typical example of our Sherwood design. This one is made from cherry veneer and solid red oak. We like contrasting woods. It is fitted with Fatar TP/60 keyboards and a refinished redundant pipe organ pedal board. Twin touchscreens allow easy stop control with multiple sample sets. The computer is concealed inside the case.

This is similar to the above but with 3 manuals. Oak with walnut trim. The pedalboard and bench came from a Norwich organ.

We can also offer a painted finish in any colour. The owner of this organ is a railway as well as organ enthusiast, so the organ is painted in the red of the London, Midland and Scottish Railway. Of course there are several historic European organs that are also red.

Trent Series Consoles

The Trent series is an extrapolation of the concept of the Sherwood series, simply taking the woodwork up beyond the level of the screens. This results in a much more pleasing and traditional looking organ, both from the player's perspective and in the room.

A high spec organ for a discerning organist and composer. The music room also has a bar within arms reach of the organ bench. A feature many organists would enjoy I'm sure.

Custom consoles

This customer wanted his Hauptwerk experience to be as close to a normal organ as possible. We made this brand new console out of mainly solid sapele and oak, with veneered panels. The keyboards and pedals are from a local redundant organ, and we fitted second hand drawstop mechanisms fitted with a new set of knobs. A display screen shows Hauptwerk stepper information, so there's no need to see the computer screen, which is hidden behind the music rest. It also has locking doors and a lid to hide it away when young family members come to visit.
We can make custom consoles constrained only by one's imagination and budget. This one using recycled pipe organ keyboards and all new woodwork, based around the Armley Schulze sample set. The display pipes really make sure it dominates the room!

Please get in touch for any Hauptwerk related enquiries. You can email us on info@nottinghammidiorgans.co.uk or phone us on 07790 001256.

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